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Exercise has so many benefits during pregnancy .The exact type of exercise, frequency, duration ,and intensity that is best will depend on your current fitness level and schedule which can always be adjusted based on how you are feeling from trimester to trimester, from week to week and from day to day. Movement affects the metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular system in so many ways from better sense of well-being, better sleep, reduced physical discomfort.
It improves psychological well-being,  improves strength, helps maintain good posture and alignment, strengthens core and balance the tone of the pelvic floor, yield health improvements without over stressing the body and so many more . The most important thing throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey is that you listen to your own body and look after you and your baby. Our bodies are amazing overall but they need extra care and time during and after pregnancy.

Like everything in life it takes time and very important you give yourself that. Rest and recovery are so  important during the postpartum period and with guidance on when to return to exercise is to focus on building foundations through gentle breathing and introducing the core and pelvic floor connection breath, mobility and stability at your level.

 As a Mum of 3 the best advice I could ever give is not to compare your pregnancy and postpartum journey or body to anyone else’s, with lots of experience, continuous learning , having completed pre post natal exercise , pre post natal women’s specialist courses and coaching women it has been amazing to help, guide and share my knowledge with them.

It is very important before you start any exercise plan that you get clearance from your doctor and I would highly recommend postpartum that you see a pelvic health physio , remember it is never to late whether you have had a baby or not if you have any issues

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